Running a tuition centre differs greatly compared to managing and organising an engineering works and technical issues.  Being an engineer doesn't guarantee that you can become a good teacher or capable of managing the teachers that stand as the core of your business. I face a steep learning curve just to start up a tuition centre and to steer the business direction towards profitable and sustainable model.


The pursuit for talent is difficult and challenging especially during this time of soft economic outlooks. Based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecast by Bank Negara for 2017, the GDP stands at a range of 4.3% to 4.8%. In a nutshell, higher GDP can be translated into more jobs creation and better consumption for products and services by consumers. Unfortunately, the benefits of GDP do not spread evenly and it concentrated mainly in urban areas due to better infrastructures and market penetration.


This reality demands that the management of tuition centre to take charge of how they attract, develop and retain their organisation's talent. Above all, it requires that they focus on the people, organisation and innovation required to succeed in the current market condition.


The current talent of Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir already has the teaching and creative skills that will push the centre forward for expansion plans in the future.  Understanding the needs for better remuneration, career prospects and better employee's welfares, I will work closely with the management team to drive greater collaboration with potential partners, increase the student's enrolment and to address any arising issues related to the operational system and expansion plan.


Moving forward, Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir will ensure the quality of their tutors and adequately prepared for the demands of local society.


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