As the second largest town in Muallim district after Tanjong Malim, you may be surprised of what this small town can offer that understandably the epicentre of agricultural activities in Muallim.


Similar to the fate of Trolak, Slim River existence is shadowed by the  developed  town,  Tanjong Malim. Don't get me wrong. I just want to highlight the particular segments of Slim River that worthy to be explored and revamped. I was born in Tanjong Malim before settled in Slim River and Kampung Kubu was the remaining memories of my childhood experience.


 As much as I love Tanjong Malim with its infrastructures and amenities, let's don't forget the other small towns in Muallim that require much attention in order to address the people needs especially the necessary public infrastructures. For instance a decent and proper public library. I have wrote about the plight of poor Slim River's public library condition in my previous article.


Apart from retail and agriculture, tourism also a key sector for economic development and job creation in Slim River. Tourism was the third largest contributor to Malaysia in 2016. Sungai BIL, YDP Lake, Risda Eco Park,  White Water Rafting, just to name few are the main attraction that can boost the well being of the locals. By leveraging the online presence and digital marketing, we can definitely attract more tourists.


Not to mention the emerging young entrepreneurs with great potential such as Dato' Kassim Yaacob,  Dr. Hanafi Yahya and Dato' Mohammad Fadil Kamaruddin that have changed the business landscape by providing more jobs to the locals. Entrepreneurs are the catalyst to transform the locals economy for the better.


The beautiful Slim River landscape and terrain are our important equity. This potential need to be harnessed by applying hospitality mindset and preserving the nature.

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