Tuition Executive Introducer
Tuition Executive Introducer


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Borang ini bukan untuk permohonan sebagai Guru Tuisyen. Hanya mereka berjaya dalam saringan akan dipanggil untuk sesi Video Call Whatsapp atau temuduga / taklimat bersemuka (jika dibenarkan oleh kerajaan). Mereka yang berjaya akan diberikan Surat Perlantikan Rasmi sebagai Agen Bertauliah Tuition Executive Introducer (TEI) dan No. ID Agen. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan hubungi 019-4038 355 atau isi borang pertanyaan dalam website ini.

Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir

Our prominent vision is to provide quality tuition services to students. The key ingredient is to train the mind of  students for better understanding of any subjects in the path of education.


Our core strength rest upon greater understanding for student's weaknesses and to care them with proper attention in the class. We do take note and observe their progress in order to increase their performance gradually.


In order to safeguard our students, we equipped our premise with CCTV and Door Access. We also provide free consultation to parents & students in line with our objective to ensure students' performances are improved.