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By Azmir, Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir



Tuition classes have turned into a staple of Malaysian educational culture. With intense competition for higher education and pressure to succeed in exams, students are increasingly turning to these classes for additional help and guidance. In this article, I will examine the current issues and recommendations by the education experts, the tendencies and needs of tuition classes for students in Malaysia.




Over the past few years, the number of students taking tuition classes has substantially increased. In a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, it was discovered that over 70% of Malaysian students receive additional support through tuition classes, whether they take them in person or online. Some observe that this trend is prevalent among secondary school students who are preparing to take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams.




Another trend that has emerged is the growth of online tuition classes. The COVID-19 pandemic has made attending in-person classes challenging, and online tuition has become a convenient alternative for many students. This trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic subsides, as students have found online tuition to be effective and accessible.




Tuition classes have several benefits — however, some challenges need to be addressed. The most notable issue is the high cost, which can be a burden for many families. Sometimes, students attend more than one class, resulting in an increased financial strain on the families involved.




Another issue is the quality of tuition classes. Not all classes are equal to teaching quality and effectiveness, and some students attend poorly structured classes taught by inexperienced teachers.




Several recommendations have been made to address these challenges by the education experts — among these recommendations is to establish standards for teaching quality and the qualifications of teachers, as well as to regulate the tuition industry. It will guarantee that students receive the best tuition classes possible. It is also recommended families that cannot afford tuition classes to receive financial help. The government can provide this help as scholarships or partnerships with private organizations.




By addressing these challenges and implementing the recommendations, tuition classes can continue to provide valuable support and guidance to students in Malaysia. At Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir, we assist the needy students with our quality and qualified tutors. Contact us at 019 - 4038 355.

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