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education · 27. January 2023
Post-Pandemic Effect to Tuition Centre Industry
The COVID-19 pandemic and the dreadful Movement Control Order (MCO) have had a significant impact on the way education is delivered #home tuisyen, #tuisyen online, #pusat tuisyen online, #kelas tuisyen online, #yuran tuisyen, #harga tuisyen online
student · 12. February 2019
The Virtues of Becoming a Genuine Student
THE VIRTUES of BECOMING a GENUINE STUDENT by Azmir, Founder of Pusat Tuisyen Dinamik Pemikir #home tuisyen, #tuisyen online, #pusat tuisyen online, #kelas tuisyen online, #yuran A famous Chinese proverb by Confucius once said " Past Scholars Studied to Improve Themselves, Today's Scholars Study to Impress Others" may hold water on the current situation that besieged the nation. Not to mention the "fake scholars" with bogus credentials, in desperation to gain communities respect and trust.
education · 10. October 2018
ATTRACTING TOP TALENT BY AZMIR, CHAIRMAN & FOUNDER OF PUSAT TUISYEN DINAMIK PEMIKIR Running a tuition centre differs greatly compared to managing and organising an engineering works and technical issues. Being an engineer doesn't guarantee that you can become a good teacher or capable of managing the teachers that stand as the core of your business.